David Lyon’s Book David’s Goliath Is Still Inspiring People To Overcome Their Obstacles

Roll Up Partner BLE’s President David Lyons is an inspiration to many. Outspoken about his diagnosis with MS within this decade David pushes harder than seems possible to battle this devastating auto-immune illness. The book tells how he battles this debilitating, unpredictable, and often mis-understood disease in what he calls ''The MS Bodybuilding Challenge.''

David's story encourages people with diseases, disabilities, or any of life's hardships to never give up or give in to defeat. Take this journey with David as he pushed forth each day from hardly being able to walk with severe pain and numbness to standing on stage in a bodybuilding contest at age 50. See the impact he continues to make in his mission to educate, inspire, and help others persevere. Core to his mission is the MS Challenge which raises money to bring fitness trainers to people with MS’s homes and help them on their path to wellness.


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