June 27, 2015 – Question: Who Is That Chick Singer?

Answer: Someone Ready To Get Her Projects To Market.

Dreaming In Color’s fearless leader singer songwriter Lara Lavi is going deep into production planning for her new album Finish Line. The album taps Lara’s creative side with songs about coming to terms with getting older and wishing to fulfill her own dreams instead of running to other people’s finish lines. Says Lara, “Dreaming In Color Entertainment or DICE for short is about finally getting to the projects that have been on my list, some for many years. I have a trifecta really of three projects that are in a way my ‘Eat – Pray – Love.’ The first project is my Little Dreamers project that is about my sweeter side and my love for my son Cameron. This project speaks to children birth to 8 while offering music adults can enjoy as much as they enjoy my solo stuff. The second project is my role in the SongCatchers as the lead singer and one of several principal writers. This project that merges Native American Singing and Drumming with Rock and Soul, Jazz and Spoken word, speaks to my earthier roots and spiritual side. The third project is the one closest to my own inner thoughts – the Lara Lavi Band project that includes the songs coming out on Finish Line. All three projects make up the core of my creative side. It’s not enough to think about them, I am excited that by building Dreaming In Color with the amazing team assembled, these projects are finally going to get done and go to market!” see www.youtube.com/thelaralaviband


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