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DICE LAB is a subsidiary of Dreaming In Color Entertainment , LLC.  DICE LAB is a new breed record label artist development co-op.  The artists own their masters in partnership with Dreaming In Color Entertainment Label Groups (DICE LAB). And the DICE LAB team provides, structure, distribution through, artist development for touring, marketing and repertoire and business advice. DICE LAB’s mission is to for  empower its artists to be their own CEOs and utilize the resources DICE LAB provides to build their valuation too explore next level options like label, publishing and sponsorship deals to move the needle of DICE LAB’s artists from early stage to national and international artist careers.

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King Youngblood

​King Youngblood is focused on reclaiming rock music, specifically black fronted rock packed with strong song writing, Afropunk attitude and an undeniable exhilarating live show.  Alternative Press calls King Youngblood “Seattle’s Alt Rock Princes” - they sure got that right. Twenty-three-year-old founder and front man Cameron Lavi-Jones, along with, drummer Alix Daniel, cellist Chet Peterson, and bassist Samy Garcia have a singular mission: grab heavy guitar/drums rock by the collar and drag it into the willing arms of the fresh new generation of fans currently fueling the world-wide resurgence of rock music. The world agrees with affirming descriptions including AfroPunk Magazine in October 2022 declaring “King Youngblood’s skill at transforming a small phrase into a massive hook is at this point unparalleled in the world of heavy music.”​ Their 2022 year has been  explosive with singles and videos releasing every 30-45 days including the bangers – Too Late Too Soon, Cried In My Cadillac and Thousand Songs with a music video that premiered on noncommercial Seattle radio station favorite KEXP 90.3 FM.  Big Thank released March 13, 2022 with a resoundingly loud and rocking celebration at the Crocodile’s Madam Lou room May 11, 2022 filled with industry folks and fans head banging with wild abandon. King Youngblood is the founder and centerpiece of the Black and Loud National and International Tour and Festival in partnership with Black and Loud’s title sponsor Jack Daniels.  The next Black and Loud Fest is September 23, 2023 in Seattle, WA. Incessant national touring, a comic book series called Afrothunda depicting King Youngblood as rockers and super heroes from “Planet Xenon,” plus the AfroThunda Soundtrack released October 28, 2022 and more music videos and unique merchandise all are part of the cavalcade of activity erupting from King Youngblood in the wake of their breakthrough album Big Thank.  And more music is coming throughout 2023 both full band electric and stripped down versions of the Big Thank album as this band is as prolific in the studio as they are undeniably super charged on stage.



Lara Lavi, Co-Manager         206.551.9847

Ever Kipp, Publicist     206.466.6796

Val Wolfe, Agent at APA LA office       310.562.1564

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Lily is a Portland based indie pop folk artist with a background in classical and jazz piano. On June 3rd, 2022, she will be begin the launch of her debut album with the release of her first single -  Lightning Bug. With heartfelt vocals and intentional lyrics, Lily tells stories of love, grief, and healing. Since childhood, Lily has been writing music to try and understand the world better. Currently, she is recording her debut album with producer Cameron Lavi-Jones of @kingyoungbloodmusic.  She Blessed My  Bed – the album comes early Fall 2022. LEARN MORE AT 


Lara Lavi

Lara Lavi never sleeps.  Right and left brained, there simply isn’t time in the day for all she does.  Called once by Bonnie Raitt as “One of the best kept secrets in the music world,” Lara is a professional Grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter, media/tech/entertainment law attorney, entrepreneur,  entertainment company executive, business development specialist, film and TV producer & writer. Lara is the managing partner of her Seattle based boutique law firm Media Law Group.  She has been practicing entertainment and media law since 1987 while concurrently growing as an artist and songwriter and managing her production company Dreaming in Color which supports dozens of artists and filmmakers as well as housing her own film/tv/music projects.  Praised as a noteworthy talented songwriter and performer by the likes of Peter Gabriel, The Neville Brothers, Carol King, and concert promoter Bill Graham (RIP), The Village Voice once called Lara the “Quintessential Songstress.”  Lara embraces  her musical authentic self in the Spring of 2023 with her  new single How High Is Too High (May 5, 2023)  with more singles to come  leading up to the release of her fresh album Mermaid Under A Desert Moon; the lost sessions on July 7, 2023. To celebrate this revitalization of a career long overdue, Lara is busily rehearsing her band and scheduling live performance that will include a theatrical tour she is producing for 2024 entitled the Bring Your Daughter Tour. LEARN MORE AT 

Tae Phoenix

Tae Phoenix is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker, activist, and theatre artist based  based in Seattle, WA. Tae serves as the resident music & arts leader for the Washington State Poor People’s Campaign and frequently contributes op-eds on politics and social justice to publications including Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Forward. Tae is also the co-founder of Trek the Vote, a non-partisan network of Star Trekactors, fans, and creators dedicated to fair and equitable elections, and has written for both and Women at Warp. Awards and nominations include: 2020 nominee for the Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award and Best Music Video at the 2019 Hollywood Women’s Film Festival and the 2019 Shoreline Short Film Festival for “We Shall Not Be Moved,” which was also a finalist at the 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest and screened at the 2019 SIFF Bumbershoot showcase.Currently Tae is working on her second LP with a release date planned in late 2023. - LEARN MORE AT  

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Ray Isla


Rae Isla is an independent singer-songwriter and pioneer in the web3 music space. Classically trained in cello, then studying voice and business at Berklee College of Music, Rae launched her career as an indie musician in Brooklyn, New York, collaborating on early releases with producer Gianluca Buccelati (Lana Del Rey, Arlo Parks). She went on to self-produce and release her first EP while becoming a staple in NYC’s indie live music scene, frequenting clubs like Rough Trade and SoHo House. Rae’s music has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex, and more. Her debut album “Another Life” was the 27th most added record in the world on the NACC Charts. Rae is now based in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, and is gearing up to release her sophomore album while traveling to perform, advise music platforms, and build a local and global community of true music fans.



For more than 20 years, the Songcatchers have been honoring the traditions of intertribal pow wow singing and drumming, and fusing rock, soul, jazz and spoken word into a one-of-a-kind musical fusion. Our multi-ethnic group continues to perform for countless audiences including Indian Tribes across the country.   Tribes represented in the SongCatchers include Navajo, Choctaw, Groventre, Shoshone, Colville, Yakima, Blackfeet, Pima & Levi-of the lost tribes of Israel.  Honoring the past and the future - The group’s original members, Arlie Neskahi, Dine` (Navajo Nation), Lara Lavi, Mark Cardenas and Charles Neville, have been joined more recently by Maurice Jones Jr. on bass and Cameron Lavi-Jones on guitar. Mark Smith (Gros-Ventre-Shoshone) is also a mainstay pow wow singer and songwriter since the band’s first experiment at the Crocodile in Seattle when Arlie Neskahi’s White Eagle Singers stepped in to jam with The Lara Lavi Band.  The multi-generational Songcatchers are committed to social change, intersectionality and bringing the ancient music of America’s First People to performing arts centers, public activations and Indian Reservations & Reserves across the United States and Canada.  LEARN MORE AT 

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