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FTWRK – Short Film

Born out of Black Lives Matter and Pride 2020, Producer Lawryn LaCroix created “FTWRK”. Being rooted through the feet is where the project gets its name. FTWRK is a powerful piece created by the people, for the people, featuring fresh and new young minds that are crafted and learned in the arts.  Produced by Lawryn LaCroix and Jayne Baron Sherman

REAL DRAG – Short Film | In Development for Streaming Series

A straight cis-gender woman wants to join the drag crew of the local gay bar, but faces rejection from all sides. Can she prove to the queens that she's as fabulous as they are? Better yet, can she prove it to herself?  Written and Directed by Brad Davis, Produced and starring Lawryn LaCroix.

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Four mismatched queer strangers -- an aspiring novelist, an hardworking immigrant, a divorced dad, and a seriously sexy newcomer -- have lucked into their dream Manhattan apartment. But when the rent skyrockets out of reach, there’s simply no option…it’s time to move. To an (even) smaller place, to the suburbs, or God help us, home to Indiana with Mom and Dad.  Or…hatch a plan. Welcome to EXTRA ROOM, a comic meditation on living close, set in the capital of tiny living, New York City. How will our roommates keep the home of their dreams? Get creative. Yeah sure, New York is the city that never sleeps…but when you’re packed sardine-tight on the A train, working endless shifts at dead-end jobs, running on treadmills and surfing dead-end apps, the American Dream is hard to come by. Like the women of Sex and the City and Insecure, the twentysomethings of Friends and Living Single, and the housemates of Golden Girls and Three’s Company, our intrepid crew -- which includes a multicultural mix of hairy bears, aspiring musicians, genderfluid pastry chefs, social media climbers, LatinX powertops, and corn-fed twinks from Kansas --learns that life gets better when we do it together.  

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Sinners is a passionate love story about Layla, a University professor in an unnamed Muslim country who is denounced for an affair with her former student, Nur, and is awaiting to be stoned to death for adultery. The play examines both Layla's and Nur’s choices for love and survival and the thriving for freedom in a patriarchal culture. Nur can save his own life by throwing the first stone. What choice will he make?  Josh Sobol's acclaimed play manages to evoke a universal dialogue about male and female roles that question stereotypes not only in Muslim society but across the board.  Starring Nicole Ansari, Directed by Brian Cox, Produced by Lawryn LaCroix and Jayne Baron Sherman and written by Joshua Sobel.


Lawryn LaCroix, Producer

Lawryn LaCroix is a New York City & London based actor/producer. She received her M.A. in Creative Producing at the Mountview Academy in Lonodn set up by Dame Judi Dench and Stephen Jameson. Her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College. Lawryn's background  in producing is both domestic and international. Touring shows from New York City (BAM) to Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) to London (Arcola Theatre and more.).


Lawryn started her production company, Pinkhouse Productions , in 2018 as a vehicle for theatre and film. Pinkhouse is an interdisciplinary production company dedicated to original and inspiring female and ethnic work. Pinkhouse has both a New York and Los Angeles presence in theatrical and film circles. Pinkhouse has worked with both Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners on original productions. Producing recent Golden Globe winner Brain Cox's (HBO's Secession) directed play "Sinners" in London at the Playground Theatre. Led by an all-female team, Pinkhouse strives to empower in the arts and provide the means by which they can assert their individual voices.


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Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s Alice In Wonderland is the Pinkhouse theatrical project Your Alice.  Written by Billie Aken-Tyers, this re imagined iconic story is both timeless and profound.  On the golden afternoon of July 4th, 1862, Charles Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) tells his child muse, Alice, her favorite story for the last time.  As they sail down the Oxford River, his beloved characters weave us in and out of Wonderland and through his tortured relationship with 10 year old Miss Liddell.   Poised for more productions in regional theaters in the UK and America, Your Alice is in polish and present mode.

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