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Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest region are known for an ever-blooming music scene in multiple genres. From the historic jazz scene of Quincy Jones and Ray Charles in the original Central District of Seattle to the Grunge scene birthing such bands as Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam with the offshoot of Dave Grohl into his arena rock band Foo Fighters, and even outside of grunge focused on Indie Pop – such bands as Death Cab for Cutie to the explosive hip hop scene that has brought us Macklemore, Travis Thompson, and Macntaj. Throughout these decades of successful musical artists, there have always been the labels and production companies responsible for artist development. In this tradition Dreaming in Color Entertainment (DICE) LLC has established its wholly-owned subsidiary DICE LAB to once again thrust the best of the best emerging talent onto the national music scene.


DICE LAB is an artist development company, production house, business development tour de force with offices across the USA and London. 


We focus on people and projects that embrace intersectionality, one-of-a-kind talent, social justice, and exquisite sound & visuals across all platforms and demographics. We tell stories. We shine a light on phenomenal musical talent. We present multi-media projects for a world urgently in need of beauty in truth. DICE LAB focuses on the music division of Dreaming in Color Entertainment with an emphasis on great artist development in multiple genres that resonate across a broad demographic. DICE LAB has partnered with Washington state-based A Ocho del Noventa records – a new breed Latin record label to tap the multi-billion dollar Spanish language music market both in Chicano Hip Hop and Chicano traditional styles. Likewise, DICE LAB has partnered with the iconic Freakout Records which is an industry leader in the Pacific NW both for its live show productions and boutique label artist development with some of the most popular artists coming from the greater Seattle area 

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