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King Youngblood

King Youngblood has a singular mission: grab alt-rock by the collar and drag it into the willing arms of the unstoppable resurgence of rock. Led by 22-year-old Cameron Lavi-Jones, King Youngblood’s music is a step into the future of rock according to many top music industry leaders, including Grammy PNW Chapter President, producer Eric Lilavois (Ayron Jones, The Black Tones & Mike McCready, Smokey Brights, Saint Motel). King Youngblood’s sound incorporates a unique blend of alt-rock, Indie-rock, and pop-rock ballads, with both hook-laden, anthemic arena-rock choruses. Lavi-Jones’ lyrics are overflowing with intersectionality, messages of social justice, and the songs stand just as strong full electric as they are unplugged. King Youngblood’s sound is rooted in the tradition of current, and very successful artists like the Foo Fighters, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Gang of Youths, Royal Blood, Fever 333, and Rage Against the Machine.




A deep love of the music of Jim Morrison was the seed that blossomed into Seattle alt-rock trio, Asterhouse. The earliest memories for brothers John and Russel Thornburg are of their mother playing The Doors records at home. Older brother, John, developed a reputation for belting out “adult-themed” Doors songs at children’s parties before his parents decided drum lessons would be a better way to challenge his growing love of music. Four years younger than John, Russ Thornburg got his first guitar at age 5 and the two have been making music together ever since. They are also close to the ever-present but mostly silent Julio Posado who slaying on bass. The Thornburg brothers are very close, that’s immediately evident. They also don’t take themselves too seriously even though their songs invite deep exploration of painful places. Their collective experience has delivered Asterhouse to a place where they make music on their terms.


Tennis Pro


Seattle garage-surf-pop trio Tennis Pro formed in 2003, at a moment when the city’s grunge-rock legacy was curdling over into indie-rock pretension. Tongue firmly in cheek, Tennis Pro forged their path, straight into the heart of melody and anarchy, and have been bringing their sing-along dance-along rebellious joy to international audiences ever since. In 2010, Tennis Pro joined a Hollywood film crew and snuck into Tokyo, Japan to make a feature film about a band on the run, played by the three people who had been doing exactly that for a decade. Big in Japan, directed by John Jeffcoat (Outsourced) debuted at SXSW, toured the world, and is available everywhere. “Tennis Pro combines the caustic wit of the Violent Femmes with the intricate power pop of a Fountains of Wayne and the ultimate waver bliss of late 80s Posies. “—Chris Estey, music writer.


Nathan Nzanga


Born and raised in Seattle, Nathan Nzanga is a first generation Congolese-American storyteller with a whole lot of love to share. Recognizing the power in his pen, Nzanga speaks of a universal truth while taking his audience on an invigorating ride reflecting on his journey through life’s ups and downs. Sonically, Nathan wears all of his influences on his sleeves, blending hip-hop with elements of folk, R&B, soul, gospel and musical theatre. Nzanga classifies himself as not only a rapper, but a SoulPop Storyteller.


Renee Holiday


Renee Holiday’s eclectic tastes and spiritual journeys have resulted in edgy yet smooth projects over the course of her career. With releases like 2014’s Molting an ethereal EP carried by melodies -- and her 2016 debut C.O.A.L.S (both under the artist name "Shaprece"), she effortlessly managed to showcase her range as a powerhouse vocalist on diverse soundscapes. Early in her tenure, she built a buzz as a featured guest on an array of songs across genres which in turn gave her a seasoned approach when she stepped into the music scene as a solo artist.


From her intricate soundscapes to her eclectic melodies, Renee Holiday knows how to take her audience on a musical journey that they wouldn’t want to leave.


Jaiden Grayson


Jaiden Grayson is a Seattle-based decolonized educator, singer-songwriter, actress, social justice black lives matter advocate, public speaker, organizer. She disrupts through her words and actions without violence and certainly with no apologies. Produced by hip-hop artist staysafeknox, a multi-faceted producer from the Dreaming In Color family Cameron Lavi-Jones and her own strong self, Grayson’s musical sound crosses between Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday with its core in soul, blues, jazz, and Hip Hop. Story-telling from a young woman with more life in her than her young age would suggest – all raw expression all-embracing her spoken word and poetry set to memorable music based on real experience in the world of protest and social justice.  


Lara Lavi

Lara Lavi is a two-time Grammy-winning Americana singer-songwriter with credits ranging from co-writes with Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow to the Neville Brothers to numerous other writers within the Warner Chappell community she came from and beyond. Lara is primarily a melody lyricist – storyteller – poet sage with a strong following throughout the 4 decades of her career. Lara has 4 album projects in production that will start releasing in March of 2022. Lara plans on producing a tour called “Bring Your Daughter in 2022 in celebration of her series of album releases. The message of the tour is it is never too late to return to your authentic self and she hopes it will especially resonate with mothers and daughters.




Stay safe, a phrase that we all constantly repeat…. But one that is truly embodied by recording artist/producer staysafeknox. Raised in Spanish Lake, a divisive town in St. Louis, he is able to concisely portray the scenes and situations that made him the artist that he is today. Having worked with major producers, such as Thelonious Martin and eugenecam, his style and delivery are some of the most versatile sounds coming straight from the 314. So much so, he's graced the stage at events like SXSW and major universities. As a dual artist, knox acknowledges the notion that nobody knows you like you know yourself and your sound. In the past two years, he's produced 100% of his own tracks, and has been working, living, and establishing a new base in Seattle, WA.  




Daniel Nzanga, better known as Matondo is a Congolese American, Seattle-based singer, rapper, producer, and DJ expressing his love for life and music in every song and set. Matondo’s music is based on life stories from the perspective of a person who has gone through multiple trials and tribulations in the early stages of his life. His song ‘When I’m Dead’ tells a story of Daniel growing up not being expected to live and going beyond expectations no matter the struggles against him. Daniel has DJ’d for artists like Kateel, Nathan Nzanga, and more. He’s a long-time collaborator with his older brother Nathan Nzanga, producers Royce David & WAVHART, and features from Chandler, Lily Cornell Silver, and Zay Wonder to go with many albums and EP’s. Recently has songwriting credits on Lil Mosey’s Holy Water which has over 100 million streams on Spotify. In May 2021, Matondo released a collaboration album with his older brother Nathan Nzanga this May titled Mount Nzanga which was critically acclaimed by The Seattle Times to be one of the most notable albums to come out of Seattle this year.

Tae Phoenix

Tae Phoenix is a singer-songwriter, filmmaker, activist, and theatre artist based on the occupied territory of the Coast Salish and Duwamish peoples, colloquially known as Seattle, WA. Tae serves as the resident music & arts leader for the Washington State Poor People’s Campaign and frequently contributes op-eds on politics and social justice to publications including Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Forward. Tae is also the co-founder of Trek the Vote, a non-partisan network of Star Trekactors, fans, and creators dedicated to fair and equitable elections, and has written for both StarTrek.com and Women at Warp. Awards and nominations include: 2020 nominee for the Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award and Best Music Video at the 2019 Hollywood Women’s Film Festival and the 2019 Shoreline Short Film Festival for “We Shall Not Be Moved,” which was also a finalist at the 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest and screened at the 2019 SIFF Bumbershoot showcase.

Blake Lewis

Blake Lews

Blake Lewis first came to national attention as one of the most unique contestants ever to compete on American Idol, and long before that, as a teenager, he was well-known as "Bshorty" in Seattle's a cappella, hip-hop, and rave scenes. But with the release of his ambitious and completely independent third album, Portrait of a Chameleon, Blake is taking things to a whole new level.  The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Audio Day Dream (which sold 350,000 copies and spawned the top 40 single "Break Anotha") and Heartbreak on Vinyl (the title track of which went to #1 twice on Billboard's dance charts), Portrait of a Chameleon is "fun, sexy, and positive. Blake’s Portrait of a Chameleon — out on Blake's on Audio Day Dream Records and distributed through InGrooves — still has a hypermodern feel.  In addition to his solo project, Blake is ½ of the incredible electronic pop project The Private Language in partnership with KJ Sawka.  They both have dominated the world independently through dance and pop music performing on the biggest stages around the world, from the notorious Glastonbury Festival to the NYE ball drop in Times Square. They are versed in the studio as well, producing with some of the top producers and songwriters of today like Sam Hollander, Ryan Tedder, BT, Dark Child to Pendulum, and Illenium. 




Dimiter Yordanov is a composer, singer, and pianist based in Seattle, Washington. He is best known for creating all the music in the documentary series "The Kindness Diaries" as well as composing original scores for titles such as "You Cannot Kill David Arquette" and "Bad Country". He is often recognized for his proficiency with multiple instruments and styles of music, including a repertoire of classical piano works. Dimiter was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria months before he and his family migrated to the United States where they eventually settled in Seattle, Washington. He studied Architecture at the University of Washington for a year before dropping out to pursue a career in music. Dimiter has since scored numerous films and television series, while also writing, producing, and releasing several albums as a singer-songwriter, frequently performing live between Seattle and Los Angeles.



For more than 20 years, the Songcatchers have been honoring the traditions of intertribal pow wow singing and drumming, and fusing rock, soul, jazz and spoken word into a one-of-a-kind musical fusion. Our multi-ethnic group continues to perform for countless audiences including Indian Tribes across the country.   Tribes represented in the SongCatchers include Navajo, Choctaw, Groventre, Shoshone, Colville, Yakima, Blackfeet, Pima & Levi-of the lost tribes of Israel.  Honoring the past and the future - The group’s original members, Arlie Neskahi, Dine` (Navajo Nation), Lara Lavi, Mark Cardenas and Charles Neville, have been joined more recently by Maurice Jones Jr. on bass and Cameron Lavi-Jones on guitar. Mark Smith (Gros-Ventre-Shoshone) is also a mainstay pow wow singer and songwriter since the band’s first experiment at the Crocodile in Seattle when Arlie Neskahi’s White Eagle Singers stepped in to jam with The Lara Lavi Band.  The multi-generational Songcatchers are committed to social change, intersectionality and bringing the ancient music of America’s First People to performing arts centers, public activations and Indian Reservations & Reserves across the United States and Canada.     

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Seattle-based artist, TeZaTalks sings a note and a universe blossoms like a pink-purple rainforest orchid. Regeneration is the name of her game. Shields are broken and must be mended. In this way, the personal traumas TeZaTalks has endured along the way have led directly to her millions of song streams. To date, TeZaTalks has played coveted sets for SoFar Sounds, KEXP’s in-studio series, Seattle’s Upstream and Capitol Hill Block Party festivals, and AfroPunk. She has been featured prominently by publications like EDM.com, American Songwriter Magazine, Trap Nation, and Xkito.  
TeZaTalks, who has also played the famed Showbox stage in Seattle and has been featured on popular Spotify playlists, landed in the Pacific Northwest after leaving her hometown of Oahu. In the same way that she found the Emerald City through travel, so did she find her creative self through exploration. But identity can be tricky, paradoxical. The clearer we are to ourselves, the more complexity abounds. And this is the essence of the sonic interplay of TeZaTalks. The genre-bending artist will challenge you but only by breathing in you new life. @TeZaTalks